The Pure Energy Wellness Approach


I believe that an integrated approach to exercise and nutrition will guide you, not only toward fitness, but to better self-awareness.  Small changes in the way we move, eat, breathe, and think set the stage for large changes, both in the body and mind.

As a former gymnast, I want your workout to be not only fun and challenging, but enlightening and healing. It’s my goal that your workout doesn’t stay in the gym, but affects and improves all aspects of your life.

I take into consideration your physiological, mechanical, and psychological mechanisms and combine it with my nutritional coaching.   If you can liberate your restrictions inside and out, you can move freely, increase strength and even improve circulation and organ health.

More Efficient Movement = More Power!

I love teaching clients learn how to become more efficient in their movement skills while avoiding energy depletion and injury, and therefore, enjoying a better quality of life.  My intention is to make our workouts and nutrition coaching sessions together informative, healthy and fun!

I work with clients in Portland Oregon and all over the world

Your success is my priority; your health, and happiness with how you look and feel are important. Discover why my movement programs are as unique as my philosophy, and how my fitness training and nutrition and lifestyle coaching services meet your every need. I’m available in person, over the phone or Skype.


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The Pure Energy Wellness Intention

Pure energy by definition is an essential requirement for something to be and for something to happen, so when pure energy is ignited, it acts as a catalyst for transformation.  My intention is to guide each client to their next level of performance and well being, while having fun and providing lots of support along the way.  I enjoy sharing information and empowering clients to gain self awareness around exercise and nutrition.  My purpose is to guide each client to ignite that catalyst for change, the pure energy inside themselves.

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4 thoughts on “The Pure Energy Wellness Approach

  1. Cyndi Longest

    I am a female, 62 years old, 5’3” tall, small boned and approximately 200 lbs currently. In my youth, I was very thin and could eat anything without gaining weight. I think I was about 22 before I hit 100 pounds. I gained weight with two pregnancies, but effortlessly lost it after delivery. However, I’ve consistently put on weight since I was in my 40s, with a large gain when I quit smoking in 2007. I had three surgeries between November 2014 and December 2014. Recovery took longer than expected and I gained weight during that time due to other people cooking for me and inactivity. And then I embarked on a year long “around the country” trip with my husband in March of 2015, causing a change in eating habits and I have gained even more weight during this time.

    Overall, my health is not bad, but things are beginning to pile up. I have chronic depression, been on anti-depressants since I was 39. My ankles have been swollen for several years, I have extreme arthritis in my shoulders requiring surgery(2014) to “clean out” the joints and potential replacement at some point, I’ve had to have my gall bladder removed(2014), been diagnosed with fibromyalgia/inflammation (2014) and currently take gabapentin for the joint and muscle pain. I occasionally use Lunesta for sleep problems, but try to limit those to only every few nights as really needed. I’ve had two sleep studies done and been diagnosed with sleep apnea, but I do not tolerate the CPAP protocol, so it remains untreated. I’ve had migraine headaches for years and take Imitrix as needed. I can sometimes go weeks without a headache, but then they will reoccur on a daily basis, mostly in the morning upon waking.

    In the last few months, I began walking on a regular basis, racking up between 1 ½ and 3 miles per day. I’m able to keep myself doing this because I physically can tell a difference in my endurance when walking distances for other purposes like shopping or sightseeing. Other forms of exercise have been more difficult for me to stick with because I can’t really see the results. I’ve not lost any weight, however, even with the increased activity.

    I’ve come to a point where the subject of food has taken over my life. I have tried, over the last 20 years, every diet imaginable with varying degrees of little to no success. I lost some weight doing a regimen of two protein drinks a day and a reasonable dinner at night, but had to quit as the protein gave me diarrhea. I lost 40 pounds in 40 days with an injectable HCG protocol, but gained it all back at the end of the course of shots. I was successful at the losing because I could see progress every day. Weight Watchers, Paleo, Mediterranean, Clean Eating, no food after 8 pm, no food before 12 pm – I’ve researched and tried them all! I’ve read so much conflicting information about carbohydrates, sugar, protein, fasting, timing of meals and metabolism that I’m truly at a loss for what I should eat, what I should avoid and what’s best for my metabolism.

    I desperately want a program that will allow me to put food back into the proper perspective in my life but I need to be able to see some results quickly – that is what motivates me. How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy by Paul Chek was recommended to me as a wholistic program that would enhance my overall being and I’ve read it extensively. I’m having trouble pinpointing my Primal Pattern and am confused about some of the food choices. But overall, it seems like a program that I could follow.

    I’d like to know if you work with people remotely, how much it would cost and how effective could it be. I am currently in South Texas for the winter, but will be moving to the Portland area in the summer of 2016, but am at a point where I do not want to stay where I am, but start moving forward. My goal is, of course, to lose significant weight, but also to become healthier overall. I may be in my 60s, but I still have a lot that I want to be able to do! I appreciate your reading my summary and look forward to speaking with you.

    1. Allison Post author

      Thanks so much Cyndi for sharing your story. Yes I do work with clients remotely. I’d been happy to offer you an initial consult to talk about what your needs would be specifically. The best way to contact me quickly is through my contact page on my website or email me at Thanks again!

  2. Lucas Dousay

    I want to personally thank Allison for her help in shedding excess weight. She was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The simple changes she helped me make in my supplement plan has drastically changed my appearance for the better! I would highly recommend her for any area of assistance needed for overall wellness. Her help and awesome attitude toward my goal was second to none! Thanks Allison my beach body is almost there! Puerto Rico here I come!!!


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