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Welcome to Pure Energy Wellness!

As a holistic personal trainer and nutrition and lifestyle coach, I am dedicated to guiding you to greater self awareness and empowerment by providing you with an integrated approach to exercise and nutrition.

My motto is less effort more power, since I enjoy teaching my clients how to become more efficient in their workouts while avoiding energy depletion and injury, and therefore, enjoying a better quality of life.

My intention is to make our workouts and nutrition coaching sessions together informative, healthy and fun!

I work with clients in Portland Oregon at my private studio either one-on-one or in my semi-private small groups.  Your success is my priority; your health, and happiness with how you look and feel are important.

Discover why my exercise programs are as unique as my philosophy, and how my fitness training and nutrition and lifestyle coaching services meet your every need.

Pure energy by definition is an essential requirement for something to be and for something to happen, so when pure energy is ignited, it acts as a catalyst for transformation.

My intention is to guide each client to their next level of performance and well being, while having fun and providing lots of support along the way.

I enjoy sharing information and empowering clients to gain self awareness around exercise and nutrition.  My purpose is to guide each client to ignite that catalyst for change, the pure energy inside themselves.

Contact me today to schedule your free consultation!