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Simple Workouts You Can Do On Vacation

The two biggest challenges I encounter during a vacation or road trip are lack of movement and access to good food.  I find that sitting in the plane and/or car for hours at a time can be very taxing on the spine and digestive system.  One strategy I use to get myself moving on the road is to make […]

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The Key To A Healthy Metabolism

When talking about nutrition, the first thing I always ask my clients is, “How frequently are you eating?”  They usually say not frequently enough and some even admit to waiting up to 5 hours between meals. I consider this to be an important and highly overlooked pattern.  What’s even more surprising is that people tend to be more focused on […]

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Eating for Pure Energy 5 Week Coaching Series

Food Inclusion Plan Food can be fun and energizing.  I’ll share with you some incredible tools and strategies you can learn to find out if your metabolism is healthy and fired up.  Discover which foods and techniques you can use to energize your metabolism for life. This is a 5 week course designed to help […]

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Find Organic Food

Widespread Organic  Widespread organic is a website dedicated to connecting restaurants, farmers, markets, and advocacy organizations directly to their customers and vice versa.  We believe that the future of our WORLD depends on changing our food system to a local, organic and sustainable model. We believe that people should be more connected with their food […]

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Allison Pelot demonstrating exercise technique with a red swiss ball

Healthy Butt Healthy Body

We get most of our explosive power from our glutes.  They also act as major stabilizers for the spine and core and keep the pelvis in position during movement.  So if you think about it, you really can’t have a healthy body without a healthy butt. I’ve simplified this a little by creating two categories […]

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Blood Sugar Regulation, Food Sensitivities and Metabolism

According to Dr. Ray Peat, “The simplest illustration of how inflammation relates to the organism’s resources was an experiment in which blood glucose was varied, while an animal was exposed to chemicals that varied from mildly irritating to potentially deadly. When the animal had very low blood sugar, the mildest irritant could be deadly, but […]

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Coffee For Pure Energy

As we approach the cold and dark winter months thyroid health becomes a top priority.  Simply because the days are shorter, your body uses more energy to regulate body temperature and you have less sunlight exposure. These stresses alone can be enough to bring your immunity down to a level which can make you even […]

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Small Group Personal Training in PDX

Increase your level of performance at any age and feel good about yourself while creating lasting change! Like private personal training, the exercises will still be specific to your body and fitness level.  When it comes to weight lifting, we all have different needs.  That’s why I’m so excited to start this group and share my […]

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The Many Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of my favorite super foods.  With natural anti-oxidants which protect your body against free radicals, it’s my top choice for a healthy fat. Oils like soy and canola tend to increase free radicals in the body because of the extremely high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids they contain.  This can noticeably […]

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Client Spotlight

Geri is an inspiration to me as well as many others around her, always motivating people with a beautiful spirit and a compassionate heart.  Her commitment to her training has lead her to discover her true strength, health and beauty outside as well as within. Thank you Geri for letting me guide you through this part of your […]

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