Establishing a Baseline For Your Nutrition

Here I go through easy steps you can make to establish a clear baseline for your nutrition. ┬áThis is so we can become aware of how our metabolism is functioning before we take steps to make changes with our nutrition. Which helps us better figure out where to begin and what to work on first as well as the state of health you’re currently experiencing.


Movement On The Go

My hips are super tight from sitting on the plane and from all of the driving on this trip. So I’m using this move for both working my #balance (even more on sand) and pushing my hips to both extremes in each direction. Also really great for working the muscles in the feet. 🌸 You want to make sure you’re not tipping your pelvis too far forward when you bring your heal toward your butt and when pulling your knee up front open your chest and drop the shoulders down. Lengthen out through the hip as much as possible. #movementonvacay #exerciseformobility #exercisethatisfun #getoutside #getoutsideandplay #movementthatmatters #portlandpersonaltrainer #pdxfit #mobility #naturalmovement #stabilityexercise #fitness #fitnessonthego

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Extreme Shoulder Mobility

Pathways To Inversions