10584003_10207696562884081_8011639508821412277_n“It’s important that what I learn truly benefits myself and my clients.”

Allison Pelot








At Georgia State University I studied:

  • anatomy
  • exercise physiology
  • kinesiology
  • biomechanics
  • structural integrity
  • rehabilitation
  • sport psychology and motivation
  • fitness testing

I’ve also studied with the Chek institute, the world’s leading provider of exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle training.  With the CHEK Institute, I learned about:

  • Scientific Core Conditioning – functional training principles and techniques
  • Scientific Back Training- functional training principles and techniques
  • Advanced Program Design
  • Equal But Not The Same – the science and art of training females
  • Exercise Coach postural training
  • Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach levels 1, 2, and 3.

The three-level Holistic Lifestyle Coaching program is based upon the techniques that have helped thousands of people increase vitality, decrease stress, and re shape the body. Using a scientifically-based coaching model, I will guide you to prevent and recover from the effects of stress and disease.  You’ll re-discover your health and vitality by changing eating and lifestyle habits and incorporating more intuitive movement that’s fun and energizing.


I’ve most recently completed my Movnat certification.   As a certified Movnat trainer I practice and teach a comprehensive, holistic and mindful approach to the full range of natural human movement abilities in a progressive and safe way.



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