Eating for Pure Energy 5 Week Coaching Series

Food Inclusion Plan

Food can be fun and energizing.  I’ll share with you some incredible tools and strategies you can learn to find out if your metabolism is healthy and fired up. 

Discover which foods and techniques you can use to energize your metabolism for life. This is a 5 week course designed to help you learn about how your body works and the best strategies to bring your body back into a state of balance for long term health, healing and regeneration.

Let’s face it, our daily stress is not going to go away, but we can combat those stessors by eating the right foods in the right quantities and by regulating our blood sugar properly

Through my research and education I’ve discovered the body can actually self regulate if you provide it with what it needs to do this.  Simply put, you have to meet your body’s metabolic needs on a daily basis in order to support  your body’s self regulation system.  Learn how to do this and more…

What you’ll learn:

  • Tools you can use to help regulate and raise metabolism
  • How foods can be used to supplement your diet
  • The difference between organic, local and conventional foods
  • The truth behind certain food myths
  • How to balance hormones and heal your thyroid with food
  • Why regulating blood sugar is so important and how to do this
  • How to raise your energy levels and performance with food
  • How to increase your rate of regeneration and repair with food
  • Strategies to help manage emotional stress
  • How to include more delicious foods in your diet, not less

What you’ll receive:

  • 5 – Group coaching sessions
  • Weekly online PDF you can access and keep
  • Weekly recording of our group coaching sessions
  • Weekly action plan – we go over a new skill to practice each week
  • Private Facebook support page
  • Added information about light therapy and the benefits of CO2

Groups meet either Thursdays at 6:30pm or Saturdays at 10:30 am

Location: Pure Energy Wellness Studio – 1235 SE Division St #109

Cost: $150 – Current clients receive a 40% discount

Next series…  TBA

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