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Widespread Organic 

Widespread organic is a website dedicated to connecting restaurants, farmers, markets, and advocacy organizations directly to their customers and vice versa.  We believe that the future of our WORLD depends on changing our food system to a local, organic and sustainable model.

We believe that people should be more connected with their food and with the people who grow, produce, manage, prepare, and care for the plants and animals that end up providing us with the nutrition and health that we all need.  Widespread Organic is the only online geo based local organic sustainable food guide.  Locate organic local food in any city.

Widespread Organic is now available on the Pure Energy Wellness website under the resource page.  This website is an amazing tool for when you’re traveling and on the hunt for organic food.  I’ve been so frustrated in the past because of not being able to find organic restaurants and markets in other cities while on the road.  This eliminates the frustration of it all.  Be sure to check it out!

Widespread Organic 


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