Small Group Circuit

Pure Energy’s small group classes (usually 3-5 people) create an opportunity to build community and connection in a non-competitive atmosphere. Each week, we move through a series of innovative, integrated circuits, designed not only to build strength, but to improve functional movement, balance, mobility, and circulation.  The support and accountability make it easy to keep up the practice.   Join us!  Check out our schedule of classes offered.


You’ll learn the art of movement through my system of movement programming.  Building up to your squat, bend, pull, push, twist and lunge and going beyond in order to develop quick response agility and stability on the fly.

I teach all of my movement patterning in segments so that you can work up to each skill gradually and you’ll be prepared for each step as you get there.  Much like the training a gymnast or Parkour athlete goes through, but at a pace that matches your level of performance, geared from the beginner to the more advanced exercisers.

Postural endurance and pelvic floor health are two very important components of this program. You’ll learn how to activate your core stabilizer muscles, in stationary positions and in movement, which help to protect your back and keep your belly flat.

The Small Group Circuit structure consists of…

  • A mobility warm-up
  • Movement pattern / Natural human movement skills exercise circuit
  • Core activation and whole body stability work
  • Restorative exercises and connective tissue stretching

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“I’ve worked with Allison Pelot for a number of months now and have been thrilled with the entire process.  Before I began training with Allison, I would work out on my own with DVD’s, on the treadmill and in a few classes at the gym.  This was good, but I starting seeing real changes once I joined one of Allison’s small group training sessions.  

I have learned so much – from which exercises to do when, to the proper form and the importance of it.  When to push myself to go a bit harder, and when to give myself a bit of a break and focus on exercises that will create energy I can use throughout the day, rather than expending energy.  

Before working with Allison I had quite a bit of knee pain from an old injury.  That pain is completely gone now and has been for months.  My balance and endurance have also improved.  Allison is great at reading her students, pairing them with others with like strength and ability in classes, and personalizing sessions to the individual and where they are on that day with any modifications needed.  She is also very encouraging and motivating.  Thanks Allison for everything!”   

-Susan in PDX

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