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My career in holistic health began by first spending 15 years as a competitive gymnast. My passion for teaching soon grew and this created a path for me to pursue an exercise science degree, while working as a part-time gymnastics coach and a fitness professional.

Later, after the birth of my two beautiful boys, my health took a turn for the worse.  I experienced severe digestive distress and low energy.  I lost the energy to play with my kids and felt debilitating pain daily.  I didn’t feel healthy enough to be a great mom much less to be my best self.

Feeling like I was too young to be experiencing this, I got curious and began researching holistic health practices.  The idea of the human body having the potential to heal itself naturally fascinated me.

This curiosity lead me to study  master-level courses in holistic health, nutrition, exercise science, and rehabilitation with the CHEK Institute in San Diego, CA.  I began implementing these practices and soon discovered my health got so much better.  By improving my own nutrition, lifestyle and movement practice, I was able to overcome asthma, digestive problems, and chronic inflammation.

This was so empowering that I started to share this wisdom with my clients and formed Pure Energy Wellness in 2004.  I haven’t lost my passion for learning since and after 20 years I’m happy to say that I love what I do.  I’m grateful to be able to help my clients discover their own healing and creative potential.

I love connecting with people, sharing what I’m passionate about and helping my clients develop self awareness around food and movement.  Thank you for your curiosity on how to be the best self you can be!  I look forward to helping you help yourself.

Allison Pelot

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