Simple Workouts You Can Do On Vacation

The two biggest challenges I encounter during a vacation or road trip are lack of movement and access to good food.  I find that sitting in the plane and/or car for hours at a time can be very taxing on the spine and digestive system.  

One strategy I use to get myself moving on the road is to make my workouts simple and short.  I start by putting together a circuit of 3 exercises (by pairing up movement patterns;  squat, lunge, twist, push or pull) and go through my circuit three to four times. 

It’s so much better to do some kind of movement rather than nothing and your workouts don’t have to be complicated or deplete your energy.  As a matter of fact I prefer my workouts on the road to be fast and efficient so I can enjoy my time away.  

Stepping and Pushing


Lunging and Twisting

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