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Spinal Decompression Stretches


Your ‪facia is the connective tissue that connects muscles and helps them function together so you can develop your movement patterns. Your facial chains create your body shape and posture.  These stretches originate from Dr. Guy Voyer and his system of ELDOA stretching.

Here are two stretches I use to create space in the spine at T8 and T9 (first stretch) T6 and T7 (second stretch). Keeping these areas open helps you rotate your spine when walking and running, creating more mobility and greater overall function.

Doing these stretches can also prevent you from developing a hump in the upper back from sitting in poor posture. It also boosts function and circulation in your internal organs;  liver, spleen, adrenal glands and pancreas.

How to do it:  Hold for 30-60 sec actively. Draw belly button toward spine, lengthen up through palms of hands or finger tips and pull shoulders toward ears.  Keep feet grounded and flat.  Do your best not to round the back or hunch forward.

I recommend performing this only when you are warmed up to prevent injury to the tissue.